As you get older, and it gets harder and harder to not get calcium into your body, your bones get more and more brittle. It’s so difficult when you get into your senior years to realize that you just can’t do the same things you once were able to. These Save Our Bones Program Reviews will give you the confidence to know that your health is in great hands if you can take control. As you read about the recipe and lifestyle book by Vivian Goldschmidt, you will be amazed at the dramatic changes of the people who implement these practices.

Since maintaining bone density has become a problem for many women, old and young, there have been countless treatments that people are looking for but cannot. The bad news is that there is no quick cure. Modern medicine has not advanced to the stage where we can quickly reverse the bone loss that happens, but that doesn’t mean there is not a way to do it!

You will see what I mean by this below.

The Solution

Goldschmidt has known this problem all too well and has taken a fascinating approach to actually reversing this bone loss that I will explain. When I found out that my grandmother had fallen and broken her arm, I was devastated. It’s such a shame that she had to go through that pain simply because her skeletal system isn’t strong enough. I knew I had to do something.

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I searched everywhere to help her. Now, my grandmother is a HUGE reader and loves to explore exciting new books and has enough of an open mind to read suggestions I gave her. After reading a few articles form Goldschmidt’s website, I was convinced that the Save Our Bones Program would work. All of the signs and symptoms matched up to what she was saying in the book.

I immediately ordered her a copy with rush shipping and never looked back.

After I read through it myself and took notes, I talked about it with my grandmother and she agreed that she could stick with the program.

And so the journey began. The whole experience allowed me to cook with her, spend quality time together, and come up with recipes that would actually strengthen her bones and reverse osteoporosis. As it turns out, shortly after, she had a density test and it came back stronger than before.

I almost couldn’t believe it.

I would have to say that now, I have the strongest relationship with her that I ever have. A lot of it could be contributed to this book and the research I did. But, I am just so thankful that my grandmother has stronger bones to prevent that horrible break that happened a while back. I don’t ever want to see her like that again.

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